ecopoetics is a (more or less) annual journal dedicated to exploring creative-critical edges between making (with an emphasis on writing) and ecology (the theory and praxis of deliberate earthlings).  ecopoetics operates in print time, or even slower.  This “blog” is mostly for information, the occasional announcement, and to facilitate free access to back issues of the magazine (via pdf).  

Submission guidelines: read an issue of the magazine before sending work.  Please note that we will not be accepting unsolicited submissions of poetry for the next issue.  For an idea of what we will accept, see the editor’s notes to the current issue: 

“The near absence of reviews here is my greatest regret. Especially considering the good number of titles to have come the way of ecopoetics over the past three years–see the list of works received at the end of this issue, in no way a comprehensive bibliography (I can think of some notable ecopoetics-related titles that were never sent our way). Please add to the list.

I aim to reverse the imbalance and to devote a large portion of the next issue to reviews. The only kind of unsolicited work we will thus consider is work that responds to something from the list, or to a work not on the list but that the contributor deems significant for ecopoetics. Reviews are welcome, and we are open to a broad range of approaches to the genre. Short is good (900-1300 words). Close readings of individual poems or works are encouraged. Critical discussion of the concept “ecopoetics” is strongly desired–what does or does not speak to ecopoetics in the work? There are no style guidelines; as always, we ask contributors to read around in the magazine before submitting. We hope to facilitate conversation (& will forward your queries to a particular author or publisher). Submit, if you can, by the end of the year.

After the next issue, we will open again to a broader range of unsolicited submissions. (If in the past three years you have corresponded with the editor about publication and have not heard back, then please forgive and contact us again. Some communications may have been lost in the recent transitions.) Plans for upcoming issues include the long-in-the-works Lorine Niedecker ecopoetics feature, the Buffalo waterfront / Great Lakes watershed feature, a Native writers ecopoetics feature guest-edited by Allison Hedge Coke, and a “pharmakopoetics” feature. If you have anything to contribute in these areas, do write. After ten issues, we will stop, take stock and reassess.” 




Etel Adnan, In the Heart of the Heart of Another Country (City Lights Books, 2005), Seasons (Post-Apollo Press, 2008)

Karen Leona Anderson, Punish honey (Carolina Wren Press, 2009)

Jaime de Angulo, ed. Stefan Hyner, Home Among the Swinging Stars (La Alameda Press, 2006)

Alicia Askenase, Cover; Shirley Shirley (Sona Books Gift Publishing Project, 2005, 2004), The Luxury of Pathos (Texture Press, 2001) 

Tim Atkins, Folklore (Salt Publishing, 2008)

Maria Ivana Trevisani Bach, Ecopoesie Nello Spazio-tempo (Serarcangeli Ed., 2005)

Janis Baltvilks, tr. Rita Laima Berzins, The Skylark Will Come, (Blackberry Books, 2004) 

Amiri Baraka, Ed Dorn & the Western World (Skanky Possum & Effing Press, 2009)

Michael Basinski, auXin (Amphibole Books, 2008), All My Eggs Are Broken (BlazeVOX, 2007), Of Venus 93 (Little Scratch Pad Editions, 2007)

Ben Lyle Bedard, Implicit Lyrics (Punch Press, 2008) 

Susan Bee, Marjorie Perloff, A Tribute to Emma Bee Bernstein (Belladonna* Elders Series, 2009) 

Franco Beltrametti, Nadamas (Stadtlichter Presse, 2004)

Steve Benson, Open Clothes (Atelos, 2005)

Jasper Bernes, Starsdown (ingirumimusnocteetcomsumimurigni, 2007) 

John Bevis, Some Alternatives to Flock (Coracle, 2008) 

Marie Borel, tr. Sarah Riggs and Omar Berrada: Wolftrot (La Presse, 2006)

Daniel Borzutzky, Failure in the Imagination (Bronze Skull Press, 2007) 

Jules Boykoff and Kaia Sand, Landscapes of Dissent: Guerrilla Poetry & Public Space (Palm Press, 2008) 

Andrea Brady, Embrace (Object Permanence, 2005)

Taylor Brady, Occupational Treatment (Atelos, 2006) 

Robert Bringhurst, The Tree of Meaning: Language, Mind and Ecology              (Counterpoint, 2006)

Erica Carpenter, Perspective Would Have Us (Burning Deck, 2006)

Alan Casline, ed. The Annals of Perious Frink; Copper Coins (Rootdrinker Inst., 2007) 

Cris Cheek, The Church—The School—The Beer (Plantarchy 3, 2007) 

Jason Clark, Driven-Out, Ditched & Deserted (Coracle, 2008) 

Alicia Cohen, Debts and Obligations (O Books, 2008) 

Joseph J. Cohen, In Quest of Heaven: The Story of the Sunrise Co-operative Farm  Community (Factory School, 2008 [1957]) 

Stephen Collis, The Commons (Talonbooks, 2008) 

Jack Collom and Lyn Hejinian, Situations, Sings (Adventures in Poetry, 2008) 

Jack Collom, In the Wind: Busking Poetry on the Downtown Boulder Mall, Summer 2006 (Baksun Books, 2007)

Jeff Conant, The Evacuated Forest Papers (Buck Downs Books, 1998) 

CAConrad, The Book of Frank (Chax Press, 2009), Somatic Midge (Faux Press, 2008) 

Joseph S. Cooper and Jared Hayes, Structural Blue In Circuits The Blood Can Be Used: Insuring the Wicker Man Shadow Created Delusion (Hot Whiskey, 2005)

Matthew Cooperman, Still: (to be) Perpetual (Dovetail, 2007), Daze (Salt Publ., 2006) 

Joshua Corey, Fourier Series (Spineless Books, 2005) 

Sara Crangle, Wild Ascending Lisp (Critical Documents, 2008)

Michael Cross, PAX (tri-fold letterpress ephemera, 2009)

Peter Culley, The Age of Briggs & Stratton (Hammertown Book 2) (New Star Bks., 2008) 

Simon Cutts, An English Dictionary of French Place Names (Coracle, 2004)

Lucille Lang Day, God of the Jellyfish (Červená Barva Press, 2007)

Albert Flynn DeSilver, Letters to Early Street (La Alameda Press, 2007), Some Nature (The Nonexistant Press, 2004)

Adam Dickinson, Problematical Recreations (Little Fishcart Press, 2008), Kingdom, Phylum (Brick Books, 2006)

Thom Donovan & Abby Walton, Tears are These Veils (Wild Horses of Fire Press, 2004) 

Thom Donovan, Our Insalvageable (Vigilance Society, 2009)

Eli Drabman, Daylight on the Wires (Vigilance Society, 2007)

Marcella Durand, The Anatomy of Oil (Belladonna* Books, 2005)

Ken Edwards, Nostalgia for Unknown Cities (Reality Street, 2007)

Laura Elrick, Fantasies in Permeable Structures (Factory School, 2005)

Joel Felix, Regional Noir (Bronze Skull Press, 2007)

Thalia Field, Ululu: Clown Shrapnel (Coffee House, 2007), Incarnate: Story Material; Point and Line (New Directions, 2004, 2000)

Ann Fisher-Wirth, Carta Marina (Wings Press, 2009)

Robert Fitterman, 1-800-Flowers (porci con le ali, 2005)

Edward Foster, What He Ought to Know (Marsh Hawk Press, 2006)

Greg Fuchs, Metropolitan Transit (isabel lettres, 2007) 

Isabelle Garron, tr. Sara Riggs, Face Before Against (Seeing Eye Books, 2005)

Geoffrey Gatza, Not So Fast Robespierre (Menendez Publishing, 2008) 

Eric Gelsinger, Nevertheless (House Press, 2005)

Harry Gilonis & Erica Van Horn, Forty Funghi (Coracle, 2008 [1994])

Michael Gizzi, New Depths of Deadpan (Burning Deck, 2009)

Jody Gladding, Rooms and Their Airs (Milkweed, 2009)

Kenneth Goldsmith, The Weather (Make Now, 2004)

Barrett Gordon, Rainbow-Grey; Of a Free Town (w/ Luke Daly) (House Press, 2006) 

Stephanie Gray, Heart Stoner Bingo (Straw Gate Books, 2007)

Jean Grosjean, tr. Keith Waldrop, An Earth of Time (Burning Deck, 2006) 

Gabriel Gudding, Rhode Island Notebook (Dalkey Archive, 2007)

Rob Halpern, Disaster Suite (Vigilance Society, 2006)

Ariana Hamidi, Dear Cyclops (Bronze Skull Press, 2007)

Roberto Harrison, Counter Daemons (Litmus Press, 2006), Os (Subpress, 2006)

Carla Harryman, Open Box (Belladonna* Books, 2007)

Pete Hay, Vandiemonian Essays (Walleah Press, 2002)

Barbara Henning, thirty miles to rosebud; 7th Street; Found in the Park; Ariel View India (Long News, 2006, 2004)

Tom Hibbard, Critique of North American Space (Bronze Skull Press, 2007)

Dale Hobson, The Water I Carry (Benevolent Bird Press, 2008)

Isabelle Baladine Howald, tr. Elena Rivera, Secret of Breath (Burning Deck, 2004) 

L.A. Howe, NTR PIC E ST R (Little Scratch Pad Editions, 2007)

Yunte Huang, Cribs (Tinfish, 2005)

Brenda Iijima, Rabbit Lesson (Fewer and Further Press, 2008), Animate, Inanimate Aims (Litmus Press, 2007) 

Catherine Imbriglio, Parts of the Mass (Burning Deck, 2007)

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Peter Jaeger, Rapid Eye Movement (Reality Street, 2009), Prop (Salt Publ., 2007)

Christopher Johnson, ed. and trans., Selected Poetry of Francisco de Quevedo           (U of Chicago, 2009)

Patrick Jones/ Peter O’Mara, How to Do Words With Things [A Free-dragging Manifesto / subtext] (Tree-Elbow Publications, 2008) 

Cralan Kelder, Lemon Red (Coracle, 2005)

Michael Kelleher, Human Scale (BlazeVOX Books, 2007)

Burt Kimmelman, There Are Words (Dos Madres Press, 2007) 

James Koller, Some Cows: Poems of Civilization and Domestic Life (Coyote, 1966)

Joshua Kryah, Glean (Nightboat Books, 2007)

Bradley Lastname, The Squeaky Fromme Gets the Grease; What I Learned About Ancient Roman History From Madalyn Murray O’hare’s Rare Coin Collection (The Press of the Third Mind, 2006, 2005) 

Joseph Lease, Broken World (Coffee House, 2007) 

Tom Leonard, Being a Human Being and Other Poems (Object Permanence, 2006)

Heller Levinson, Smelling Mary;ToxiCity: Poems of the Coconut Vulva (Howling Dog Press, 2008, 2005))

Aaron Lowinger, Front Park; Open Night Poems; Autobiography (House Press, 2007, 2006, 2005) 

Kimberly Lyons, Saline (Instance Press, 2005)

Antonio Machado, The Landscape of Castile (White Pine Press, 2005) 

Donato Mancini, Æthel (New Star Books, 2007)

Tom Mandel, To the Cognoscenti (Atelos, 2007) 

Douglas Manson, At Any Point (To Becoming Normal) (Little Scratch Pad Ed, 2008)

M. Mara-Ann, Containment Scenario: DisloInterMedTextIDentCation: Horse Medicine (O Books, 2009) 

Judith McCombs, The Habit of Fire: Poems Selected & New (Word Works, 2005)

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Jennifer Moxley, The Middle Room (Subpress, 2007)

Wendy Mulford, The Land Between (Reality Street, 2009)

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Tom Raworth, Let Baby Fall (Critical Documents, 2008)

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Andrew Rippeon, Priest (Vigilance Society, 2009)

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Michelle Rollman, The Book of Practical Pussies (Krupskaya / Tender Buttons, 2009)

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