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Poetry, essays, fiction, translation, interviews 

A (more or less) annual journal dedicated to exploring creative-critical edges between making (with an emphasis on writing) and ecology (the theory and praxis of deliberate earthlings). 


ecopoetics 01  winter 2001 

136 pp. 

Rosa Alcala, Bruce Andrews, Joel Bettridge, Régis Bonvicino, Odile Cisneros, Alicia Cohen, Brenda Coultas, Peter Culley, Catherine Daly, Marcella Durand, Kenneth Goldsmith, Robert Grenier, Lisa Jarnot, Christopher Johnson, Kevin Killian, Robert Kocik, Michael Kelleher, Peter Larkin, Nick Lawrence, Tom Morgan, Douglas Oliver, Julie Patton, Andrew Schelling, Eleni Sikelianos, Cecilia Vicuña 

Hard copy reprints are available for $10 (click title for free pdf)


ecopoetics 02   fall 2002 

178 pp.

Humberto Ak’abal, Chris Alexander, mIEKAL aND, Tim Atkins, Patrick Barron, Mike Basinski, Charles Bell, Dodie Bellamy, Anselm Berrigan, Sherry Brennan, Sehjae Chun, Jack Collom, Matthew Cooperman, Marcella Durand, Roger Farr, Joel Felix, Loss Pequeño Glazier, Gordon Hadfield, Christopher Johnson, Richard Kostelanetz, Douglas Manson, Paige Menton, Laura Nash, Jena Osman, Ethan Paquin,  Meredith Quartermain, George Quasha, James Sherry, Jonathan Skinner, Juliana Spahr, Christine Stewart, Brian Strang, Cole Swensen, Dennis Tedlock, Aaron Vidaver, Steven Ward, Andrea Zanzotto 

Hard copy reprints are available for $12 (click title for free pdf) 


ecopoetics 03  winter 2003 

198 pp.

John Batki, Alicia Cohen, Simon Cutts, Alec Finlay, Lisa Forrest, Eric Gelsinger, Jody Gladding, Philip Good, Gothic News Service, Mary Rising Higgins, Peter Jaeger, Jeffrey Jullich, Robert Kocik, Joan Maloof, Douglas Manson, Bernadette Mayer, Pablo Neruda, Alice Notley, Mark Nowak, Derek Owens, Isabelle Pelissier, Stephen Ratcliffe, Tom Raworth, Jerome Rothenberg, Kaia Sand, Andrew Schelling, Ravi Shankar, Allen Shelton, Jonathan Skinner, Jane Sprague, Eleni Stecopoulos, Sasha Steensen, Brian Swann, Stephen Vincent, Damian Weber, Nathan Whiting

Hard copy reprints are available for $12 (click title for free pdf) 


ecopoetics 04/05  2004-2005

248 pp.

Roy Arenella, Michael Basinski, Charles Bernstein, David Berridge, Alicia Cohen, Jack Collom, Mary Crow, Tina Darragh, Ian Davidson, Marcella Durand, Ken Edwards, Kenneth Goldsmith, Clayton Eshleman, Lynn Harrigan, Peter Jaeger, Peter Larkin, Douglas Manson, Florine Melnyk, Ethan Paquin, Meredith Quartermain, Lucas Reiner, Kate Schapira, Lytle Shaw, Jonathan Stalling, William Sylvester, Arthur Sze, Mark Weiss, Sara Wintz, Lila Zemborain 

Hard copy reprints are available for $15 (click title for free pdf) 


ecopoetics 06/07  2006-2009 

324 pp.

Emily Abendroth, Fatho Amoy, mIEKAL aND, Kristen Andersen, Karen Leona Anderson, Stan Apps, Robert Ashton, Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, Christine Boileau, Timothy Bradford, Pam Brown, Julieann Brownton, James Bunn, Andrew Burke, Bonny Cassidy, Louise Crisp, Justin Clemens, Jon Cone, Jack Collom, Matthew Cooperman, Gregory Day, Tyler Doherty, Thom Donovan, Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Theodore Enslin, John Estes, Kate Fagan, Michael Farrell, Alec Finlay, Lisa Fishman, Benjamin Friedlander, Forrest Gander, Jody Gladding, Liberty Heise, Krista Ingebretson, Jill Jones, Patrick Jones, Michael Kelleher, John Kinsella, Kyhl Lyndgaard, James Koller, José Martí, John McBain, Ray Meeks, Graeme Miles, Stuart Mills, Peter Minter, Luis-Aguilar Moreno, Derek Motion, Jesse Nissim, Alistair Noon, Lucas North, Antonio Ochoa, Peter O’Mara, Isabelle Pelissier, Carol Quinn, José Rabéarivelo, Daniel W. Rasmus, Joan Retallack, Sarah Rosenthal, Linda Russo, Kate Schapira, Andrew Schelling, Jared Schickling, Jonathan Skinner, Gary Snyder, Juliana Spahr, James Stuart, Alf Taylor, Angélica Tornero, Rodrigo Toscano, Lauren Tyers, Erica Van Horn, Stephen Vincent, Damian Weber, Simon West, Les Wicks 

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Edited and designed by Jonathan Skinner with editorial assistance from Florine Melnyk (issues 03 – 04/05) and from Allie Goldstein and Kristen Hewitt  (issue 06/07).  Supported by a faculty start-up grant at Bates College. 

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Robert Kocik 

Rhrurbarb offers the Sore, Oversensitive Sciences a sustained and demonstrative exploration of possible intersections between prosody and pathology. Two forty-six poem series, Remissions and Cinnabar Verses, along with a Preface and a generous Glossary, offer a cross-section of Kocik’s range, from prosody to medicine, neuroscience and biogenetics, to Chinese alchemy and back.

128 pp.  Perfect bound.  100% recycled.  $15.  2007

ISBN 978-0-9789262-1-2


Farming the Words: Talking with Robert Grenier 

The poet Robert Grenier in a wide-ranging conversation (held in 2003) with Tim Shaner, Jonathan Skinner and Isabelle Pelissier, including some close reading and discussion of six of Grenier’s drawing poems.

62pp.  Perfect bound.  Six color plates.  94% recycled.  $12.  2009

ISBN 978-0-9801924-0-7


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